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ISSN 2503-2682 (online)ISSN 2503-3654 (print), is a scientific journal that publishes articles in the field of Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Every submitted manuscript will be reviewed by two peer-reviewer using double blind review method.

REKA BUANA has been accredited at SINTA ranked 5, with No. SK : 30 / E / KPT / 2018. Date of Decree. October 24, 2018. Click here to view Certificate

Accreditation is valid for 5 years starting from Volume 2 no 1 in 2017 to Volume  6 no 2 in 2021

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Reka Buana : Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Sipil dan Teknik Kimia, is published twice a year on Maret and September, by UNITRI PRESS of Universitas Tribhuwana Tunggadewi Malang in collaboration with Asosiasi Pendidikan Tinggi Teknik Kimia Indonesia (APTEKIM) and Himpunan Ahli Teknik Hidraulik Indonesia (HATHI). The journal is published in both print and online versions, and the online version is available for free. Abstracts and full text that have been published on the website can be read and downloaded.


Focus and Scope of this journal are :

  • Chemical Engineering including : bioenergy processing, environmental engineering, natural resource management, Heat and Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Designing tools and chemical processes, Chemical industry process, Computing and modeling (simulation) process, Particle and nano technology, membrane technology, esessential oil technology, and phytopharmaca, etc.
  • Civil Engineering including : technology of construction materials, transportation system, environmental layout, concrete and wood structures, steel construction, bridge and dam construction, management of water resources and Hydrology, earthquake engineering, sanitation systems and urban drainage.

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Vol 5, No 2 (2020): EDISI SEPTEMBER 2020

Table of Contents


Ade'an Nisa, Siti Fatimah

pages. 98-103

Anggun Fatihur Rizky, Siti Fatimah

pages. 104-111

Marisa Eka Anggraeni, Willy Kriswardhana, Nunung Nuring Hayati

pages. 112-124

Keryanti Keryanti, Ahmad Faizal, Sri Harjati Suhardi

pages. 125-134

Muhammad Syarifudin, Karuniadi Satrijo Utomo

pages. 135-146

Suhudi Suhudi, Silvester Wadan Koten

pages. 147-158

Jaka Propika, Dita Kamarul Fitriyah, Yanisfa Septiarsilia

pages. 159-170

Sinar Perbawani Abrina Anggraini, Susy Yuniningsih

pages. 171-177