CALL FOR PAPERS 2022 Jurnal Reka Buana (p-ISSN: 2503-3654 | e-ISSN: 2503-2682 )

Reka Buana is a scientific publication/ journal that publishes articles in the field of Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering, Engineering education and learning.

Chemical Engineering including : bioenergy processing, environmental engineering, natural resource management, Heat and Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Designing tools and chemical processes, Chemical industry process, Computing and modeling (simulation) process, Particle and nano technology, membrane technology, esessential oil technology, and phytopharmaca, etc.

Civil Engineering including : technology of construction materials, transportation system, environmental layout, concrete and wood structures, steel construction, bridge and dam construction, management of water resources and Hydrology, earthquake engineering, sanitation systems and urban drainage.

It is a journal to encourage research publication to research scholars, academicians, professionals and student engaged in their respective field. The accepted manuscripts are the papers written as study or research results that previously have never been published.

Reka Buana is published twice a year on Maret and September, both in print and online version. Reka Buana is published by UNITRI PRESS of Universitas Tribhuwana Tunggadewi Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

Online submission:

Author Fees This journal charges the following author fees : Article Publication: 500.000 (IDR) After registrasion, please confirm to redacture at [email protected] / [email protected] by attaching mobile phone number or contact Editor-in-Chief via WhatsApp +6285797094724

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