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The area of Jeruk and Maron water source has been determined as tourism development area in Area Lay-Out Planning of Malang 2007. This research is aimed to identify the physical characteristics and arrange the spatial development brief of Jeruk and Maron water source. Analysis method is used land capability analysis. Assessment is adapted with physical characteristics which is used the scoring method to appropriate land capability analysis. Assessment factors are viewing zones , topography , vegetation density and soil type . Determination of land value is adapted to land capability value. The research result shows that the area of Jeruk and Maron water source has a varied topography and altitude ranges from 300 to 337.5 meters above sea level, Alluvial soil type , soil effective depth is at a depth of more than 90 cm , and the average rainfall is 1761mm per year with 84.85 rainy days per year. Based on result of land ability analysis be concluded that the area of Jeruk and Maron water source is at high and medium class conservation land. The Brief of spatial planning to spatial distribution in the area of Jeruk and Maron water source is conducted to appropriate with zoning analysis result which it obtained from analysis of land ability as protection and utilization block. Distribution block is a form of attempts to form a synergy and harmonious order of site plan between activities in the area for conservation functions.


Maron and Jeruk water source; conservation; spatial planning

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