Samsud Dlukha, Sitti Wardiningsih, Yusi Febriani, Ray March Syahadat, Priambudi Trie Putra


Padang Golf Matoa Nasional is a 18 hole golf course that located in South Jakarta and
designed with international standards. A game area of golf courses consist of several
zones. The zones need to be maintained by form of ideal and maintenance activities.
This study focuses on the maintenance of hazard zones (bunkers, water hazards, and
rough) as important part of the golf game area. The purpose of this article provides
recommendations on system maintenance hazard in Padang Golf Matoa Nasional so
that the quality of the landscape and the game remains optimal. The results obtained in
general maintenance hazard zone has been good. To realize optimal results, it is required
labor ratios ranging from 1:0,1 to 1:0,3. Furthermore, it is needed to increase the
number and renewing putty knife and hoe for effective use of maintenance process.


Bunker, game area, golf course, rough, water hazard

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