S U. Lestari, R I. Hapsari, R. Djoko


The performance of improved sweetpotato clones (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lamb) in two location reported in this studies. The first location at Jatikerto-Malang Regency, from March to August 2012 and second at Sambigede-Blitar Regency, from April to September 2012. Both of the trials were done with a randomized complete block design with 3 replications. The experimental material consisted of nine sweetpotato clones. All the clones were planted in a plot size 5 m x 5 m, consisted of four rows with 75 cm between the rows, 25 cm spacing between plants within the row. The experimental plots received 100 kg N, 20 kg P2O5, and 75 kg K2O/ha in the form of Urea, SP-36 and KCl. Roots were harvested four months after transplanting. Fresh storage root yield and protein content presented in this report. Fresh storage root yield is significantly influenced by location, among improved clones ranging 7 to 21 t/ha in Malang and 5 to 18 t/ha in Blitar, two clones of them to reach 114 to 161% higher to control variety, Boko. On the contrary with protein content is not sensitive on differ locations, among improved clones ranging 6 to 7,63% dry weight basis


Potential yield, protein content, sweetpotato

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