Guidelines Submission

The author must first register as a Writer here. The author must meet the form as detailed as possible where the form marked with an asterisk must be entered. After all the form text boxes are filled in, the Author clicks the "Register" button to proceed with registration. Therefore, the Author is brought to the online author submission interface where Authors should click "New Submissions". In the Start New Submissions section, click "Click Here: to go to step one of the five-step filing process". Here are five steps in the online shipping process:


Step 1 - Initiate Submission: Authors should check the shipping checklist and agree with the copyright notice of Referensi: Jurnal Ilmu Manajemen dan Akuntansi with a check mark on the copyright notice checklist. Then, click "Save and Continue"
Step 2 - Upload Submission: To upload a manuscript to this journal, click "Browse" on the Upload submission file item and select the script document (.doc / .docx) file to submit, then click the "Upload" button until the file has been uploaded. Do not upload cover letter and other complementary files here. Then, click "Save and Continue"
Step 3 - Inserting the Submission Metadata: In this step, the author's metadata detail must be included including the corresponding author marked. After that, the title of the script and the abstract must be uploaded by copying the text and pasting it in the text box including the keywords. Then, click "Save and Continue"
Step 4 - Upload an Additional File: If you have a complementary file, click the "Browse" button, select the file, and then click the "Upload" button. This step is optional, if you do not have a supplemetary file, just click "Save and Continue".
Step 5 - Confirm Delivery: The author should check the uploaded manuscript document in this step. To submit a script to Referensi: Jurnal Ilmu Manajemen dan Akuntansi, click the "Complete Delivery" button after the correct document.
After this submission, the Author submitting the script will get a confirmation email about the submission. Therefore, Authors can track their delivery status anytime by logging into the online delivery interface. Tracking submissions include script review status and editorial process.


If you experience any difficulties please contact us via [email protected] or contact to 089621424412